Saturday, December 31, 2005

Demo in Oxford

On 1 april 2006, a group of us will gather and lament the deaths, sufferings, and torture of animals. We invite you to join us in Oxford (the exact time and place will be announced shortly). The proposed plan of action will be very similar to the peaceful demo in Cambridge that was held a few years ago during which a mock funeral procession took place. A small group of Buddhists in robes carried small animal size coffins along streets in Cambridge.

The group that is organizing this gathering is a Pureland Buddhist group, and would like other groups to join us. We have contacted John Curtin from Meditate to Liberate and have his support and will be contacting other religious groups to help support us.

There have been many protests held in Oxford by animal rights activists against plans to build a new biomedical research laboratory in which they will perform experiments on animals. For more information please visit:

We hope that our efforts in Oxford help their campaign to stop the construction of an animal laboratory and thus prevent conditions in which cruelty and torture toward animals occur.

If you would like to get involved please contact