Thursday, September 14, 2006

Interreligious celebration of Animals

Dear Susthama,
Just to let you know how the Interfaith Celebration of
Animals went on Sunday. Madrakara & myself felt that
it was a very good event & feel very positive about
future participation in their Interreligious
Fellowship for Animals and The Universal Kinship Fund
(of the Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research) - which
were launched during the service.

The event was sponsored by the World Congress of
Faiths, The Unitarian Interfaith Panel & Quaker
Concern for Animals and had representatives from the
Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research (Wendy Higgins),
Quaker Concern for Animals (Marian Hussenbux) and the
RSPCA (Jackie Ballard, Director General).
It was a very warm & rich event - gentle harp music,
service led by Rev. Feargus O’Connor & Readings from
Brahmo Samaj, Buddhist (Andrew Burns), Christian,
Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh & Unitarian
Universalist. The Hymns were very touching:

We Celebrate the Web of Life (Alicia S. Carpenter)

"We celebrate the web of life;
Its magnitude we sing;
For we can see divinity
In every living thing.

A fragment of the perfect whole
In cactus and in quail,
As much in tiny barnacle
As in the great blue whale.

Of ancient dreams we are the sum;
Our bones link stone to star
And bind our future worlds to come
With worlds that were and are.

Respect the water, land and air
Which gave all creatures birth;
Protect the lives of all that share
The glory of the Earth."

After the service we had an opportunity to talk to
Marian, Feargus & other interesting people – as well
as eating delicious Indian vegetarian food.
Thank you for your support & advice. Hope all is
love Joan
Namo Amida Bu


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